Thursday, February 10, 2011

~~~ stUDenTs LiFe~~~

arrrrgggghhh... such a heavy burden on my head. assignment, take home test, mid term examination, presentation, revision, all these things need my commitment and time. my mind now full with all these thing. in fact, from the morning until i closed my eyes, my mind never stop from thinking of it, even at the time i had my lunch and dinner and shower. ohhhhh... somehow, i couldn't stand and almost crying, and hoping that all these thing will end shortly and nicely. this week, after the Chinese new year and mid semester break, was my unlucky time where works has been too hectic lately. almost everyday until now, i sacrificed my sleep for an hours for reading and studying. this was because of there are 3 papers for 3 days without gaps. plus, with all assignments which need to be settled on time. i'm trying to keep on top of all the assignment and i think that i almost got a there was this weird feelings creeping through my head and in between my eyes.i felt headache coming!!! i was like oh no no not now,!!! snap out of it and focus, dont be so weak!! this was what student like me facing everyday.    

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